Worry no more by installing a chimney cap

Installing a chimney cap can cut down several things people work about when ha ring a fireplace installed. You will need to do a little research to figure out what kind of chimney cap you need. Look at your chimney from a safe place and determine how many flues you have. You can also take a picture of it to show a reputable Long Island chimney cleaning company. Worry no more by installing a chimney cap!

Keep Animals Out

A chimney cap will help keep animals out of your chimney. Some that can invade your chimney include rats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and bats. It’s an out of the way place for them, and many will build a nest. Not only will you be bothered by the noise they make, but they could destroy the integrity of your chimney. If they were to die while in the chimney, the smell and germs could become dangerous and off-putting.

Stop Fires

Sometimes sparks can fly out of your chimney, landing on the roof. When this happens, your whole house could catch on fire, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. A chimney cap will stop any sparks from flying out of the chimney. The embers stay where they belong.

Keeps it Dry

A chimney cap keeps water out of your chimney. Water can damage the structure of the chimney. It can also allow moisture into the rest of your home, which can cause mold and other damage. Mildew is another issue in homes where no chimney cap has been installed. Water in the chimney can also make it harder to start a fire, the very reason you have a fireplace.

Installing a chimney cap is a job best left to the experts. They can look at your chimney and flues and decide which one is right for your home.