When to clean your chimney? Your Chimney needs regular cleaning and inspection to ensure it is safe. Burning logs produce soot and creosote that buildup in the fireplace, chimney liner, and damper.

The buildup is risky as it can cause a blockage that can hinder burning. Worse still, creosote is flammable and can cause a fire. It is wise to clean your chimney to prevent fires and ensure it works efficiently. Here is all you need to know about when to schedule a cleanup with a Long Island chimney cleaning company.

Cleaning Before Early Fall

You might want to clean your chimney, but you are uncertain of when to do it. Cleaning your chimney before early fall is the optimal time. You Chimney should be in the proper condition before the burning season, fall. Working with chimney cleaning experts will give you a quick turnaround. Chimney cleaning professionals should work on your chimney prior to fall giving you plenty of time.

Working during the end of summer may provide your better weather conditions to perform the cleaning easier. You will have a dry and safe roof for cleaning the chimney. The weather conditions will be mild to let your chimney dry and be ready for immediate use.

When Soot and Creosote Buildup

It can be risky to ignore or postpone cleaning your chimney when you see creosote and soot building in it. Soot and creosote have been reported to be the leading causes of chimney fires. It is wise to ask for expert assistance if you see heavy soot on parts that you cannot reach easily.

Call to Action

Homeowners could take cleaning their own chimney into consideration. The process can be dangerous, timely and non efficient. Lack of proper knowledge and skills for cleaning the chimney might be counterproductive. A minor issue can create unintended expenses. Hiring a professional chimney cleaner is, therefore, the way to go.