What Types of Services Does a Chimney Company Provide?

While cleaning is an integral part of what chimney companies do, they also provide other services such as taking care of your chimney liners and installing chimney caps. Keeping your chimney in good shape is important to the safety of your family and to protecting your home against fire. Hiring a Long Island chimney cleaning company to properly provide these services is highly suggested. What types of services does a chimney company provide?

Chimney Cleaning

Keeping your chimney clean is critical to both the health and safety of you and your family. Not only does the soot that builds up in your fireplace eventually start to smell bad, that buildup of soot and creosote can also lead to fires. For maximum safety, your fireplace should be cleaned both before and after winter.

Repair or Replace Chimney Liners

Your chimney liner provides a smooth path for smoke and dangerous gases to leave your home. It can also increase the life of your original chimney by protecting it against soot and debris, saving you from making very costly repairs. A well-respected chimney company can inspect your original chimney liner and let you know if you need repairs or replacement.

Chimney Cap Installation

Chimney caps help stop rain and animals from entering your home, and they assist in the prevention of fires. Animals can damage your chimney liner, as well as leave nests that could catch fire. A chimney cap helps prevent fire by stopping fireplace sparks from reaching your roof. They also can help stop the buildup of debris in your flue that can lead to fire or a blockage that forces carbon monoxide or smoke back into your home.

To keep your chimney in good shape and protect your family, hire a reputable Long Island chimney company and stick with them to meet your ongoing needs. A professional who knows your house and your chimney is the best bet for keeping your home and your family safe.