What is the average cost to have your chimney cleaned?

Cleaning your chimney is difficult to predict when it comes to pricing. Most of us don’t have the correct tools for fireplace inspections, and the use of fireplaces varies among people. At least one annual cleaning is recommended by several reputable sources.┬áIn comparison with a neighbor whose chimney is used weekly, you will require more frequent service when you use yours every night. Getting an expert Long Island chimney cleaning company to give you an evaluation is the best way to determine your needs. So, what is the average cost to have your chimney cleaned?

Average cost

Homeowners spend on average between $150 and $375 on chimney cleaning.

In general, chimney cleanings alone cost $150 to $350. Prices may vary depending on your location and the complexity of the job. Most video inspections and sweeps start at around $200, which is on the higher end of the price range.

Inspections and cleanings may be charged separately by some companies.

Inspecting the chimney might cost $50 to $100 (and video inspections may cost significantly more), and cleaning it might cost another $150.

During cleaning, your chimney professional will use a wire brush to scrub residue from the interior walls. The brush is sized appropriately for your chimney. The brush is attached to flexible rods that can be extended deeper into the flue by connecting them. The cleaning will either be performed from the top down approach or from the bottom up approach. Weighing and tying ropes is a method that is less common than rods. Professionals, in this case, approach their work at the top. Additionally, they can pull from the bottom with the help of another sweeper.

In many cases, it is preferable to work from the top since it makes less mess. By closing off the fireplace, less soot and residue will enter the house. A tarp will be placed at the bottom of the fireplace as a part of the service to keep the mess to a minimum. As a precaution, you may need to cover or remove nearby furniture.