What Does A Chimney Company Look For?

Owning a house is one major financial decision that can give one peace of mind. There are some regular maintenance that is required for it to maintain its value over time. A house may be undervalued if it doesn’t have a well-constructed chimney.

A chimney is constructed using different materials but one thing is certain, the choice of a skilled craftsman to design and build your home chimney is a matter deemed mandatory. Be sure to hire a reputable Long Island chimney cleaning service that offers the best services at competitive prices. What does a chimney company look for when doing an estimate?

Care and maintenance of one’s chimney is not subject to negotiations. There are lots of ways to maintain your chimney, but in a nut shell, the following five tips will go an extra mile to ensure your chimney provides good service for years.

1. Yearly inspections

Why not let chimney specialists do what they do best? By virtue of assuming that your chimney is in good shape just by mere lack of spotted damage can be disastrous. Care to find out why? There could be some underlying damage beneath that would require inspection by a specialist. Thus, getting your chimney inspected once a year is one sure way to ensure safety of your chimney.

2. Find out how often to clean and sweep your chimney

Be it a fireplace insert or stove chimney, or whichever classic chimney you have, you ought to ensure all the ash is swept often. The soot must be swept away with and all surfaces left sparkling.

3. Blockages:

Be sure that the chimney company you hire checks for blockages by debris and animals.

4. Watch out for cracks

A simple mistake of ignoring cracks could cost you more than you could speculate. From leakages to bringing down the entire house. This can cost nearly 20 times more than it would to repair minor cracks.

5. Install chimney caps

For what use are these caps? They ensure snow, debris, rain and the dangers of the scorching sun are totally barred from damaging your chimney.