What are the dangers of a chimney leak?

A chimney leak can be a danger to your home in many ways. If you have leaks in your chimney, it may damage the fireplace and cause water damage inside the house. Leaks are often caused by wear and tear, but they can also come from improper installation or cleaning. So what are the dangers of a chimney leak? Our suggestion is to find the best Long Island chimney repair company for a complete evaluation.

Ways of detecting chimney leaks

One way that you can detect a leak is if you see water coming down the fireplace’s back wall. However, other signs should not be ignored. If you smell a musty type odor, there is probably water in the chimney, and it may be time to call for repairs. You can also check your homeowners insurance policy, as many policies require that leaks are repaired before renewing coverage for fire damage.

Another sign of a leak could be high heating bills or trouble getting your fireplace to start. If you are noticing either of these problems, it may be time for repairs.

If your chimney is not in use or has been disassembled due to addition, then there should still be no leaks, as this indicates that the flue tiles have broken and need replacing before reassembling the unit.

Dangers of a chimney leak

If you have a chimney leak, you must call for repairs immediately. If the water has not yet caused structural damage to your home, this can be easily fixed by repairing the chimney and flue tiles. When there has already been water damage, this will be an added expense that could have been avoided if caught earlier during regular inspections by a professional chimney company.

However, if there are cracks in your fireplace or foundation of your house, this may indicate larger problems with the chimney’s structure.


If you have a leak, repairs must be done as soon as possible to prevent further damage and ensure safety in your home. Whenever you notice any leaks, you should contact a professional company to undertake the repairs immediately.