Chimneys gather soot, insect nests, debris, and creosote, which forms after burning wood over time. Creosote usually creates a thick layer of dark tar which makes it harder to scrape off and clean.

All this dirt in the chimney can lead to poor ventilation in the house thus, resulting in a smoky house or a fire breakout in worse situations. To avoid such misfortunes, experts recommend yearly inspection of chimneys and regular cleaning. Hiring a Long Island chimney cleaning professional to do a thorough inspection is suggested. Irrespective of your reasons for hiring a chimney sweep, below are a few tips for vetting a chimney cleaning company.

Tips for Vetting a Chimney Cleaning Company

If your home has a fireplace or wood-burning stove, you will require the services of a chimney sweep. Moreover, choosing a chimney cleaning company is not as simple as it sounds. There may be several of them near you or easily found via the internet. However, the task in getting a good chimney cleaning company is thorough research that will allow you to vet and get the best out of your options.

Check if they are Certified and Fully Insured

One of the first things to check for in a chimney cleaning company is if certified and insured. To find the best, you need to eliminate the phonies who mostly have many fake accolades and certifications. Hence, find a company that is certified by the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America). This way, you will get a trusted professional chimney sweep who will do a great job.

Check if They Have a Full List of Chimney Services

Another way of ensuring you get the best chimney cleaning service is to find companies that offer various services alongside chimney sweeping. Companies that offer all chimney and fireplace projects most likely have experienced professionals who have many years of working experience on chimneys. Thus, find a company that offers chimney cleaning services, consultations, and chimney repair and maintenance to get a one-stop solution to all your chimney needs.

Furthermore, there are many things to look for when vetting a chimney cleaning company. The secret is taking time to explore all the available options and picking the best out of your list. It is advisable, however, to start from the companies near you. Other ways to vet a chimney cleaning company include;

  • Checking their employee experience and expertise
  • Checking if they have a user-friendly web design
  • Confirming their customer retention abilities and reviews