The cold nights chilling by the fireplace are one of a kind; nights like this create good memories.

On this occasion, you may notice how the chimney is an integral part of the house that needs proper care. Just like home appliances need repair sometimes chimneys also need maintenance. But you may be asking yourself, how do I know when my chimney needs repair? There are several signs that your chimney needs repair. Hiring a Long Island chimney repair expert to access your chimney is highly advised.

Let’s have a look at various things to check on. Unlike house appliances that show obvious repair signs it is different with chimneys since they are always seem dirty. It is essential to ensure you maintain your chimney in proper condition for home safety. Moreover, it is vital to schedule routine chimney inspections from professionals.

Chimney Repair Indicators

Here are a few things that will help you understand if your chimney requires repair:

  • Rust indicates that there has been excess moisture in the chimney. Once you solve the water issues, it’s best to replace the rusted parts.
  • Flakes or ceramic in the fireplace are a sign that the flue liner is shaling, which would quickly result in a house fire.
  • Broken or rusting chimney chase top, this problem could easily harbor water into the chimney and result in severe damage.
  • Deteriorating mortar joints are a sign that water may be seeping into the chimney, which may cause structural damage.
  • Peeling masonry. Does the concrete that makes up the chimney look as if it peeling or flaking? It may be a sign that water is seeping. If this issue is not addressed, the chimney may be on the verge of collapsing.
  • Stained walls and ceilings are the most apparent sign that too much water is seeping through the chimney. Unfortunately, this is an indication of moisture in the chimney.

Now you know what the signs to look for when a chimney needs repair. Hopefully, this information helps you in resolving the issues at the earliest stage possible using professional help. To better learn about chimney maintenance and repair, we are here to guide you.