It is essential for safety reasons to schedule a regular chimney cleaning every year for cracks, leaks, and other defects.

Reasons To Schedule A Regular Chimney Cleaning

Problems Caused by Lack of Chimney Maintenance

The Smoke Stays in the House Instead of Venting Outwards

If a chimney cannot draw out the smoke because of blockage to its path or if it vented incorrectly, it will stay inside the house. Smoke indoors that cannot escape can cause problems, such as eye irritation, trouble breathing and increase fire risk.

The Exterior Facades Become Dirty and Unattractive

Cleaning the outside of the chimneys regularly to avoid debris from falling around your property. If you don’t know how to clean a chimney, research a Long Island chimney cleaning professional. Call a cleaning company as soon as you see that the exterior facade starts looking dirty or damaged.

Ash Buildup Can Create A Fire Hazard

Ash buildup in your chimney can create fire hazards. Never let ash build up inside of your fireplace or stove. You can avoid a fire if you do simple maintenance on your chimney regularly.

The Damper Blocks the Smoke From Escaping

A damper is a mechanical device on a chimney that prevents the updraft of air. It is usually installed on top of the chimney or near its base. It can block the smoke from escaping when you do not maintain your chimney. It can cause carbon monoxide and other harmful gases that can release into your home.

You should check if you need any repairs or replacements before you continue using it. When you do not take care of the chimney, the cracks will continue to break down and toxic gases could seep into your home.

If you have any problems with your chimney, contact a professional to fix it before the problem gets worse.