Protects From Possible Fire

The cap keeps the embers and sparks in, protecting your home from a possible roof fire. It only takes tiny sparks to ignite a fire, and without the chimney cap, this would happen quickly.

Protection From Animals

Besides rain, animals could also find their way into your chimney, which could cause you a lot of damage and annoyance. You could find birds, squirrels, strange cats, and predators in your house. These animals like a warm sheltered place to raise their families, and if they got inside your chimney, especially when it’s not in use, it could wreak havoc in your home.

It gets worse because, in some places, the law prohibits removing these birds and animals forcefully. You would have to wait until they go by themselves, and this may never happen. If they leave and a nest is left behind, it could clog your chimney and, being a fire hazard

So, instead of running into trouble, it’s better to keep the vent closed with a chimney cap. Have a Long Island chimney cap installer┬ásecure your chimney. There are different size to make it fit perfectly.