Questions to Ask a Chimney Repair Company

You would need to hire a chimney company for repairs, cleaning, and inspecting. As a homeowner, you’ll require a trained and certified chimney repair technician. However, the chimney repair industry is unregulated, and anyone can open a company without certifications.┬áConsider these four questions to ask a chimney repair company.

Is Your Company Licensed?

Hiring an unlicensed company can result in you being liable for the mistakes of the untrained inspector. The outcome may be a fire that leads to property destruction, injury, or even death. You wouldn’t want to be liable for someone’s errors when the entire situation was avoidable.

A licensed chimney repair company is well-equipped and properly trained to solve your chimney problems. Ensure you inquire about the company’s licensing before hiring.


Hiring an insured company helps the homeowner avoid any liability. For example, a chimney technician may miss something resulting in damage to the chimney, property, or home. Insurance is essential because if the company is uninsured, the homeowner assumes liability.

To protect yourself and your home, ask about insurance before getting a chimney repair company.

Is Your Company Certified?

A reputable company will have certification certificates. A certification translates to proper chimney education and services. Some institutions and workers acquire their training while working.

To protect yourself from liability, ensure you ask about certifications before hiring a chimney company. The importance of this certification is that it gives you peace of mind in knowing your chimney technician meets the industry standards.


Ask how long the company has been in business. The information helps you know if the company has experience repairing, sweeping, and inspecting chimneys. A vast experience translates to a reputable chimney repair company.

You need to take anything chimney-related seriously because errors can lead to fires. Asking the correct questions will help you choose a reliable chimney repair company.