Is A Chimney Repair Covered Under Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance is vital in covering damages to various appliances at home. It is an essential part of your home protection. The insurer will cover the different bills that may arise whenever something at your home goes wrong, like accidents or weather damage to your property. But is a chimney repair covered under homeowners insurance?

It depends. If the loss that caused the damage is covered, the home insurance will cover the chimney repair. However, chimneys damaged by normal wear and tear or an uninsured loss may not be covered. The home insurance may also not cover damage caused by neglect.

Below are some of the common chimney damages that home insurance may cover.

Chimney Fires

If there was an unexpected fire from your wood stove or fireplace, your home insurance cover would most likely pay for the damage repair. However, if the fire was because of poor maintenance or negligence, the insurer will probably not cover the damage. Therefore, you must keep the chimney clear of any soot or other items that may cause unexpected fires.

Lightning Strikes

Standard home insurance policies can cover lightning strikes and other related damages caused by fire. If your chimney is struck by lightning, causing it to lean over or lose bricks, home insurance will pay for chimney repair and home damages if the chimney collapses.

Fallen Tree Damage

Trees are a vital element of the environment. That is why most homesteads have some. They are prone to falling or having broken branches. If a tree falls and damages your chimney, home insurance may pay for the chimney repair and remove that tree.


As you can see above, there are several chimney damages that home insurance may cause. However, you need to have homeowner insurance cover to enjoy the benefits. The insurance cover may not cover the repair if the chimney is neglected, due for improvement, or neglected. Do not wait for the damage to happen; insure your home today.