How to Fix a Crumbling Chimney

Your chimney is an essential part of your home. It helps you stay warm in the winter and keep your house from becoming too hot in the summer. If your chimney is crumbling, it can be a safety hazard for you and your family. This comprehensive guide will show you how to fix a crumbling chimney before it becomes too dangerous. Please consult with a Long Island chimney repair company if you notice a crumbling chimney.

Here are the steps you need to take to repair your chimney. Read on.

Repoint the Brick Mortar

If the mortar is crumbling, you will need to remove it and replace it with a new mortar. This can be a difficult job, so you may want to hire a professional mason and be sure to use the same type of mortar as the original.

Barricade Around the Flue and the Crown

The mortar on a chimney is usually in better condition near the top. But this is not always true. If you see cracked or loose bricks around the flue and crown, barricade them using metal flashing. This helps prevent rain from reaching the porous brick and mortar in these areas. Besides, during storms, it also protects against debris like twigs and leaves falling into your chimney.

Patch Cracks in the Large Crown Area

Patch cracks in the large crown area with a patching mixture, a mix of sand, and cement. This will make your chimney look new.

Patch Hairline Cracks With Sealant

If you have hairline cracks, you can fix them with sealant. Make sure to use a good-quality sealant that is made for repairing masonry. This type of sealant will expand and contract along with the temperature changes in the area and won’t crack over time like other types of sealers may do. You can apply this type of repair yourself, but it would still be best to hire a professional if you are not experienced working on your roof or chimney.

Repair or Replace Cracked Bricks

If the cracks in your bricks are more than a quarter-inch wide, or if they’re deep enough to see the mortar lining, then you may need to replace the bricks.

  • Remove the old brick and use a thin coat of mortar to adhere the new brick in place
  • Tap it into a rubber mallet and smooth out the mortar with a trowel

If there’s any excess mortar on the surface, remove it with a wire brush. Let it dry for 24 hours before using your fireplace again.

Repairing a crumbling chimney can be challenging, but following these steps will help make it easier. Be sure to call a professional if you’re not comfortable doing any of these repairs yourself. Remember to always exercise caution when working around a fire.