How do you know you need a new chimney liner?

The chimney liner is among the most vital components of a chimney. The liner is responsible for keeping smoke, creosote, and toxic gas from accessing your home. It would help if you occasionally replaced your chimney liners. So, if you intend to know when to replace your chimney liner with a new one, you are in the right place. This article explains how do you know you need a new chimney liner? We suggest contacting a Long Island chimney repair company to fully evaluate your liner.

When you don’t have one

You obviously need one if you haven’t installed a chimney liner yet. It is the easiest way to know your house needs a chimney liner. So, get a chimney liner and let professionals install it for you.

Chimney walls deteriorating

If you notice your chimney walls deteriorating faster than the standard rate, you might need to replace the chimney liner with a new one. The current liner might not be properly working, causing the condensation or heat to damage the mortar and brick faster, bringing us to the next point.

A condensation problem

Have you noticed a condensation issue with your chimney lately? Any time you see water droplets in your chimney, something might be wrong with the liner. So, to prevent moisture formation in the chimney, install a new chimney liner to improve its insulation capacity.

When converting the fireplace

At some point, you might decide to convert your home’s fireplace. So, whether you are converting from wood to gas-burning or vice versa, it is essential to let chimney professionals inspect the liner for you. The inspection results will determine if you need a new one or not.


When you are unsure about your chimney liner’s status, the recommendation is to consult a certified professional to conduct a chimney inspection immediately. This way, you will use your chimney with the peace of mind you deserve.