After receiving a chimney evaluation you may have just found that your chimney needs some serious repairs. This may not be a good time financially for you to make a huge payment. The question you may be asking yourself is can your insurance company cover your repair? The answer to this question depends on a couple of factors. It depends on the amount of damage that was done, and it determines what caused it. Please consult with a homeowners insurance company and a chimney repair company to answer these questions in detail.

Can Your Insurance Cover a Chimney Repair?

If the damage is only minimal, you may be able to afford it. If the damage is more extensive, it depends on how it happened for your homeowner’s insurance to cover it. For example, you may have done something to cause damage to your chimney or something happened that was out of your control.
Your homeowner’s insurance will cover it under certain conditions. Your chimney collapsed due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a tornado, chances are they will cover it.

If there was an accident at your home and you ended up destroying your chimney, the insurance company probably won’t cover it. If your house floods due to water being left on while you’re away on vacation or due to a hurricane, water can get in your chimney. Even though a hurricane is out of your control, chances are they can’t pay for anything related to water damage. The same thing goes for wind too. If it’s too windy, any damage done to your chimney might not be covered.

A representative from the insurance company may come to your home to assess the damage and get your full story on what happened. If they are not able to cover it, then you can see if a repair company will give you some financial assistance or make payment plans. By reviewing these important guidelines, you will have a clear understanding of what to do in case disaster strikes your chimney.