Can old chimneys be repaired?

Chimneys help protect your structure from poisonous gasses produced during combustion in the fireplace. However, Like any part of a building, the chimney is subjected to tear and wear, and its effectiveness may reduce. The main question you might be asking yourself is, can old chimneys be repaired? As always we suggest consulting with a Long Island chimney repair company form questions or concerns.

Many homeowners tend to build a new chimney or repair the old ones to maintain effectiveness. But can the old Chimney be repaired? Continue reading for some helpful information.

Chimney stacks and roof leaks repair

With the help of experts, you can repair defective parts and loose flashings between chimney stacks and roofs. New lead flashing cuts into the side of the chimney and tucks into the mortar joints that prevents leaking in the joints.

Cracked or damaged brickwork repair

Smoke, water and other weather conditions can damage the bricks of the chimney. In addition, water may get into the cracks and can damage the wall of the chimney. You can repair it by cutting out the damaged bricks and replacing the old mortar. Such repairs can be cheaper than rebuilding a new chimney.

Leaning and unstable chimneys repair

Chimneys are subjected to external pressure from wind, frost action, and chemical damage inside the liner, making them weak. Leaning and unstable chimneys can be strengthened with stainless-steel straps.

Damaged chimney liner and flue repair

Damaged chimney liner and flue may be dangerous to the brick wall. However, you can repair it by installing a new flexible stainless steel liner. You can wrap the liner with a ceramic fiber insulation jacket to improve its performance.

It’s now clear that you can repair chimney rather than rebuild it. Chimney repair can be cheaper than building a new chimney. To ensure your chimney effectively protects the building structure and the house residence, you should call a specialist to do the job for you.