3 Reasons to Have Your Chimney Swept

Having problems with your fireplace can put a damper on your winters. Regular maintenance of your chimney and fireplace should be done routinely for safety. Please consult with a Long Island chimney cleaning company for an evaluation. Here are 3 reasons to have your chimney swept.


Leaves and twigs of any trees that are near your home can fall down into your chimney. This combined with the addition of soot build-up need to be removed from your fireplace before there is a serious blockage.

Animals like birds and squirrels want to find safe places to build their nests and unfortunately, a fireplace is one of them. This obstruction can lead to not having an outlet for the smoke of the fire to be released. The smoke then has no recourse but to fill up your house.

Chimney sweeping is an important and necessary chore that needs to be done. Finding an experienced company to sweep your chimney properly is essential.


With improper airflow from fire in the fireplace, the wood does not completely burn and produces a gas that travels up the chimney and sticks to the walls. A constant accumulation turns the interior walls of the chimney into a layer of a hard and sticky substance. This is called creosote. It can only be removed by a professional chimney sweeper. This should be done once a year.


Having your chimney cleaned gives the cleaner a chance to evaluate your fireplace. Checking to see if the brick and mortar, flue, crown, and damper systems are in a good condition. Damage can be repaired at this time and gives a safe fireplace again.


Regular cleaning can alleviate any worries you might have about your fireplace. The security of knowing you can enjoy a nice fire with friends is priceless.